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Exhibitor / Vendor Information

Date:                   Sunday May 21, 2023


Time:                  11am to 4pm


Setup:                 7am to 10am (No Vendor entry after 10 am!)

                             Personal vehicle parking is limited—Come Early!

                             You can drive in the park, unload and then park your vehicle elsewhere.


Location:             Vendors will set up in Cousins Park
                             Off 6th Street across from Swim Bay unless otherwise notified

                             Commercial Exhibitors will be assigned a location either on Beach Avenue

                             or in Cousins Park prior to the event


Vendor Permits:

                             Vendors: Must have a valid Business License

                            Food Vendors: Must provide their Food Safe Certificates and their Public

                             Health Product – Acceptance letter (Commercial Food Vendors are required

                             to display their Business License)

                             Vendors & Commercial Exhibitors: Must provide a copy of their liability

                             Insurance in the amount of $2 million.


Tents & Canopies:

                             Anchors are a necessity as the wind in Peachland can cause damage to

                             yourselves and others. Please use weights (water bottles or cement blocks)

                             as no spikes are allowed in the grass.


Road Access:     Road closures are in effect for the Peachland World of Wheels. We suggest

                              that you enter town on 13th Street (not the South end) or on Buchanan Rd.

                              at the North end.


Vendors:              Vendors must remain open for service from 11am until closure at 4pm



Above all, be prepared to have fun and enjoy the day!!!!


Download Exhibitor/Vendor Information Sheet or Application Form



Exhibitor/Vendor Information Sheet


 To view or print our exhibitor/vendor information sheet, click here. This sheet provides general information of interest to potential exhibitors or vendors.




Exhibitor/Vendor Application Form


For exhibitor/vendor applicants, click here to view and print the application form. The form includes contact information if you have any questions, and mailing or drop off instructions for completed forms.


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